Organize private messages

Is there any way to organize private messages a bit more than Inbox, Archive, and bookmark individual messages?

Any hidden features I didn’t discover yet?
Any plugins that add functionality here?

Not really, you can use groups to partition them further, messages to groups you belong to will live in a seperate area.

We have talked in the past about adding tags to messages and will get to that eventually.


Do you have a link to the docs of the “groups” feature? Haven’t come into contact with that yet.

Tags (or folders - same thing) would be really nice here and solve my problem.

Are you an admin on your forum? If so, add yourself to a group, and have another user send a message to the group.

Unfortunately not, so groups probably don’t exist at this community.

Adding tags to PMs will arrive in Discourse 2.0, the current beta.


Note to close the loop, staff can now tag messages.