Send a Private Message to a User Group

Feature: I would like to be able to use the name of a user group in the ‘To:’ field of a Private Message, instead of names of individual users.

Use Case: I run a medium-sized Discourse forum of Health Informatics professionals for a media company; there are several user Groups, each with their own Category but between them there are reciprocal agreements to be able to Reply/See into some of the other groups’ private Categories. Occasionally, the media company need to send a mailshot out to just one of the user groups, without it hitting the others. If they put it in that group’s Category, the other user group will get notified, so they often ask me for an up-to-date list of emails for that Group (which I have to extract using the Rails console as there’s no consistent way of exporting a list of a group’s membership)

It would be better if they could use Discourse’s inbuilt PM function, but just put the name of the user group in the ‘To:’ field. It doesn’t seem as though this would be tremendously hard to implement; I wonder about the scalability/desirability of sending PMs that include hundreds of people though.


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This is coming in 1.5


Great news. I am on 1.5.0beta2+2, so should I already have this or is it
going to come in a future beta?


Betas are prior to release. So the final 1.5.0 is when you can expect the feature to be implemented. So sometime between now and February/March.

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Thanks. Discourse rules supreme!