Organizing Admin Announcement Notifications

Hi There,

I would like to use a tag (Let’s call it Discourse-announcements) to push notifications and emails to my community. I have it set up right now, where this works, however my concenrn is that anyone could use “Discourse-announcements” and have the ability to push notifications to our whole community.

Is there a way to make admin-only tags? So that only I can create “Discourse-Announcements”?


I think the best way to do this is to use a category. You could have it set so everyone has permissions to read topics (or possibly reply), and only staff have permissions to post.

Then, you can modify the default watching first post site setting and add that category. This will ensure all users get notified of these topics. Be aware this can generate a lot of email, and can potentially get your site’s emails flagged as spam.


Good points, this is probably a better overall approach.

Thanks, Justin!

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