Orientation of images uploaded is wrong

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… because that has sadly been closed.

We are seeing a lot of similar issues - do we know if this is specific to a particular device? I can ask all my members who have experienced it but if it is known issue and I can update them it would be easier.

Unfortunately we upload a lot of photos (images of wine labels) so it will happen a lot on our site

here are some examples:

What version of Discourse are you on? This was covered in the topic you linked to.

I’m running 1.8.10 (latest stable I believe)

I read that thread and don’t see a resolution - I see that it was apparently ‘ported’ to stable but I’m still getting the issue

You need to be on 1.9 for the complete fix. Unless you can repro the problem here or on try.discourse.org

I can’t, sadly. We’re on Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) so reliant on them to update the version

So I have to wait for 1.9 for the fix?

I can save and re-upload the image from my site (see below), but it is not MY image so relying on the user. I am quite sure it is correctly oriented for him so if the EXIF was stripped in HIS upload process, then I will not have it here.

I can see if I can get him to confirm and send me the original


I think so, unless you can repro the issue on try.discourse.org — grab your phone snap some pics in whatever orientation then press upload.

Last time this was reported, it was users taking pictures in unusual orientations (phone upside down, etc) and needing to rotate them on their devices.

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I would contact them as they are very helpful and if you are on a business plan I believe it is they can upgrade you to test passed release @michaeld @RGJ


I was sent the original image via email and when I upload it myself it is still incorrectly oriented but it shows correctly on his iphone and when I preview the image on my MacBook

This was taken on an iPhone 8 running iOS 11.1.1

It might be something about the iPhone defaulting to ‘live’ images and when you directly upload one of these to discourse it is possible that it is not reading it correctly

However, I have tested the same image on try.discourse and it was correctly oriented there, so I assume that the fixes in 1.9.0 will resolve this issue for my site … I just need to wait for it to go live

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@robmc You can indeed get an update to 1.9 beta if you want to, just drop me a PM to confirm!


Is this still an issue for others on 1.9.x ? (On our forum its 1.9.1)

It is for us.

I tested here and all seems fine https://try.discourse.org/t/image-click-to-zoom-test-rotation-test/961/8

If i post the last picture on our forum it is rotated.

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Unless you can repro at https://try.discourse.org then no, it is not.

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I cant.

Then its so strange its a problem on our forum

Looks like you guys need to update to latest then.

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If i check with ‘view page info’ i get
Discourse 1.9.1 - GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple. version b9bc27e539a7229f1f23c35ffa0820804d38c224

So this is not the latest ?

Edit: It seems it is the latest version (excluding 2.0.0beta1)
So i’m / we’re a little lost :blush:

Horlogeforum is running with us. It’s on latest stable. In our experience this was fixed in 1.9 beta 5-or-something and later, so this should not be a problem anymore. We’ll investigate this and inform the staff.


Oh. thank you so much !
And @codinghorror thank you too !


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Well, I thought it was solved for us too with 1.9.0 but we’re also with @michaeld and this popped up 3 days ago:

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Take it up with your hosting provider, unless you can repro at https://try.discourse.org right now, today, this is not a bug. Closing this topic.

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