Our custom "Dark Theme" is broken. Has light theme elements

Continuing the discussion from MD Topic List component:

Just tried displaying topics via MD Topic List Component and notice each topic alternates between light and dark. I did not code the original theme, but any ideas appreciated in debugging the problem! Our Easy Footer component also displays as a white background even though our forum has a dark background. Very strange.


For the footer, you have to add some css or modify the class

.custom-footer {
    background: #222;

For the topic list, I don’t see an example live of the issue, but the component is not compatible with topic list preview plugin, my guess is there is some conflict with your custom css and the components. I didn’t customize any background color for the component

Thanks for the follow up. Actually attempting to use MD Topic List with an alternative theme that does not have Topic List Preview component enabled (not using it as a plugin).

Thanks for this. Added that change and wondering how to change the grey text to a strong white as well. Looking through the CSS, but still unsure. Footer now looks like this:

.custom-footer .footer-section-link-wrapper a {
    color: #646464;

This is the css class that defines the links colors