Our HBB Forum is active now! Thank you Discourse!

I wanted to share this long back, but decided to learn more about Discourse first. I integrated Discourse on our sub-domain long back, but it took some time for me to learn the platform and see how it benefits me in terms of SEO, Social Media, Traffic, Monetization, etc. I did some experiments, trial and error methods to see how Discourse will help us to build a community around our brand.

This is our forum: https://forum.hellboundbloggers.com

We already have an active Facebook group (9k+ members): https://facebook.com/groups/HellBoundBloggers.HBB

Since we already have an active & engaging community on Facebook, we were skeptic about starting our own platform on our blog… but this is surprising good and we are getting positive conversions so far.

We are helping our members as much as we can, so as long as we stick to this, I’m sure we’ll be satifised.

Once again, thank you Discourse! :heart:

Kudos to the awesome creators, community members and developers here! :v:

Do kindly check our forum and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions please. Thank you! :blush:


Now that you’re a few months into it, how would you say those conversions have worked out for you @pradeepkumar? I had a look and the forum is looking very healthy!

Do you feel like you’ve achieved a good balance between the activity on Facebook vs Discourse?


Can you disclose some of the experiments you ran?

Looking to building up a community from scratch

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Start a topic in #community and we can talk through your best approach for getting it right, if you like.


Thanks @erlend_sh and @awb715 for the question. :slight_smile:

To be honest, it was kinda difficult for us initially, because, most of our members, whenever they have any query or whenever they want to start a discussion, they just prefer the platform they can access the most/easy, so our Facebook group is the best solution for them till now. But, last few weeks, we did some basic strategies. When they post a question on our Facebook group, we used to create a solution/answer for that on our forum and share the link for that asap, by that, they move from Facebook to our Discourse forum. That worked well, but it’ll definitely take time for them, I don’t really want to force them to use our forum, I just want them to have their contribution reach more people, Google indexes our forum very well, so their detailed answers won’t vanish. :slight_smile:

We often participate in Twitter chats and share our forum threads, we can’t do that for our Facebook group links.