Who have same problem 'migrating people from Facebook to Discourse"

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Hi there,

I guess you are viewing this because of a problem “you already have a strong Facebook group, and would like to move them to Discourse, but not sure will they do because…”

I want you to write down your question so the plugin developers can see and understand our problems, and hope one day our problem will be solved, with both free or paid method

From my point of view, I still have hesitation because I’m afraid than people will not get into the forum, as they use Facebook at all day, and there is no notification to them.

Lets share…


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I suggest you read this:

Should I switch to Discourse right now?


  1. Discourse is no longer early beta software. We are approaching version 1.0. We can now generally recommend Discourse as a workable solution for most communities on the web. It is still beta software, of course, but late beta. A lot of the early kinks have been ironed out.
  1. There is tremendous technical and sociological friction to change in any established community. Engage in discussions with your community about even the possibility of such a change well in advance. Consider carefully whether your community is willing to adopt such a big change.

We believe Discourse works best for new discussion communities. It is definitely possible to convert existing communities to Discourse, but there needs to be broad dissatisfaction with the status quo and strong support for change from the community leaders.

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The more general answer is that we rely heavily on email notifications. Provided your audience uses email, they’ll be engaged.

If your audience is unhappy with the Facebook group, they could change. Ask them.

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Thanks for your reply,

I"m now considered to use Discourse on my project. We are on the same boat :smile: