"outdated version of mail-receiver" in Dashboard

Since yesterday, at least, I am seeing the following on my Dashboard:

Some advice based on your current site settings

  • We detected an outdated version of mail-receiver. Please ssh into this server and run /var/discourse/launcher rebuild mail-receiver.

Last checked: November 14, 2019 7:37 AM

I tried following the steps and even did a full rebuild. But this message is not going away. Does anyone know what might be the cause? Has anyone else seen this before?


I think you will need to wait 24 hours for the warning to disappear. Maybe we should add that note to the message @blake?


Yep that is correct. I’ll update the message with that note.


Can you tell me a test I can do to know if a site needs to update the mail receiver (or hint at one)? I suppose I could just rebuild them on every update for a while, but it’d be nice if I could do the upgrade only if it’s necessary. Maybe just see if the container’s been rebuilt after a certain date?


I’m not sure what kind of test you are looking for? You can look in your admin Dashboards and see if it says “outdated verson of mail-receiver…” this will only trigger if it detects it using the old api auth method. If your sites aren’t using the mail receiver or they haven’t received a single email this message will not display. So I guess as a test you could reply to a private pm via email and see if it shows up?


Yeah. It’s only a problem if you’re managing sites that you don’t log in to. For sites that I have an API key for, I can pull /admin/dashboard/problems.json and see if it has mail-receiver in it.

I presume that this won’t be a real problem until the day in the Mysterious Future that support for api key in the URL goes away.

There’s little downside in rebuilding the mail-receiver an extra time or too. I probably shouldn’t even try. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Edit: here’s the answer I was looking for! How to update mail-receiver to the release version


@k4rtik thank you for bringing this up. It turns out that there is an additional step that needs to be performed in order for mail-receiver to be updated. Could you please follow the steps in the How to update mail-receiver to the release version guide. After doing so the message to update should go away in about a day.

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As you and @david initially mentioned, the message has gone away after waiting for sometime over 24 hours. Do I still need to perform any additional steps?

If you don’t get a lot of email it could have just timed out on its own and may show up again next time you receive an email. I would recommend following the upgrade steps so that you are pinned to the release version of mail-receiver and not an old 1.x version.


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