Update mail-receiver to the release version

If you came here because you noticed this message on your Admin Dashboard:

We detected an outdated version of mail-receiver…

You are in the right place.

Please ssh into your discourse server and run the following two commands to update mail-receiver:

sed -i 's/mail-receiver:.*/mail-receiver:release/' /var/discourse/containers/mail-receiver.yml
/var/discourse/launcher rebuild mail-receiver

For more details please continue reading.

Why do we need to update mail-receiver?

We need to update mail-receiver to a newer version that doesn’t use a deprecated api authentication method.

When you originally setup mail-receiver you were asked to setup a containers/mail-receiver.yml file that contained a hardcoded version number:

base_image: discourse/mail-receiver:x.x.x

In order to receive future updates without manually updating this number you can update the version number to release rather than specifying a version.

Please edit /var/discourse/containers/mail-receiver.yml to use this base image:

base_image: discourse/mail-receiver:release

If you would like you can simply run this command:

sed -i 's/mail-receiver:.*/mail-receiver:release/' /var/discourse/containers/mail-receiver.yml

to edit the file for you.

Then you can run:

/var/discourse/launcher rebuild mail-receiver

to update to the latest version of mail-receiver.


Thanks for the update guide @blake! However, I seem to not have the mail-receiver.yml file in /var/discourse/containers/ for some reason.

root@nomadgate-community-eu:/var/discourse# sed -i 's/mail-receiver:.*/mail-receiver:release/' /var/discourse/containers/mail-receiver.yml
sed: can't read /var/discourse/containers/mail-receiver.yml: No such file or directory

For good measure checked typed ls to check what’s actually there:

root@nomadgate-community-eu:/var/discourse/containers# ls
app.yml  app.yml.save

Any idea why there’s no mail-receiver.yml file and what I can do about it? Mail Receiver seems to be working for my community, even without the file…

EDIT: Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever set up “mail-receiver”. I’m using SendGrid’s inbound parse webhook feature, so why am I even seeing this error in my Discourse dashboard?

However, to make that work I am passing the API credentials as URL parameters like so: /admin/email/handle_mail?api_key=xxx&api_username=xxx — will this no longer work? And if so, is there any other way to keep the support for inbound messages via SendGrid?


I agree – I don’t see a containers/mail-receiver.yml file in my Discourse installation. So far I’m not seeing any ill effects.

@dltj Are you also using SendGrid or similar?

Here’s the thing: If you didn’t install the mail receiver you don’t need to upgrade it.


Sure but I’m trying to gather as much info as I can because there may be some changes to query param based api calls depending on support from SendGrid or other providers that you can wire up to use this endpoint.


No, I’m not using SendGrid – this Discourse installation is several years old, and at the time I wrote an AWS Lambda that used the /admin/email/handle_mail API to push incoming mail into Discourse. That Lambda script used Python 2.7, so it is due for a rewrite…probably time to see what my options are now.

Oddly, the “We detected an outdated version of mail-receiver…” is no longer on my Discourse admin dashboard. Huh. Scratch that – the message is still there. Maybe it went away because the Discourse install didn’t receive any inbound messages for a few days on the /admin/email/handle_mail endpoint, but it did when I sent the test message?

Just checked – inbound mail to Discourse still works.

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Correct. It times out after 24hrs if it hasn’t received any messages.


Ah, I see. So the dashboard warning isn’t that I’m using ‘mail-receiver’…it is that I’m using the now deprecated api_key and api_username as query params to the API endpoint. Okay…simple enough to fix. Thanks for the hints.