Outreachy Scholarship: Help/mentorship needed


Hi everyone! My name is Candela and I am planning to apply for the Outreachy Scholarship. I was trying to do my first contribution and got a little bit stuck. :frowning:

You can see my questions in the following link: Feature proposal: improved badge granting workflow

Who are the mentors I should ask directly? Or should I ask directly here?

Thanks a lot!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

The devs haven’t gone anywhere, but since Discourse is our day job (which we :heart:) we tend to take time off on the weekend to do other stuff.

If you haven’t heard from anyone by Monday you should bump the topic.

How to get in touch with the project mentor

Thanks for the info. Sorry, I didn’t realize about the timing. I will of course wait. :slight_smile: