Seeking Discourse Developer/Mentor

What would you like done?
Discourse developer/mentor to help students working on theme/plugin creation to enhance skills. Students are managed by us. Specific help needed are technical help and communication of technical details to student leads (the most experienced students in the teams)

When do you need it done?
Before 06/01: 10 hours to setup work and get student leads prepared
After 06/01: 10-20 hours per week to help with technical issues (up to 10 weeks)
(This is an initial estimate, we will revisit based on your guidance)

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Please let me know your per hour rate.

Thank you for your time!


I’ve been working with @debaleena_das for a good while now and encourage folks to help out with her project. Though I have experience as an educator, I’m not a great theme developer myself, as javascript still befuddles me more than I can believe.


Some more details about our platform:

Virtual-Internships are the cornerstone of our platform, they are organized as Mentor Chains® Projects with professional mentors mentoring the more experienced students and they in turn mentoring other students.

Our program is free for students. Our goal is to make STEM more inclusive by radically increasing opportunities to gain real life experience, hone both technical and soft skills and get noticed by companies.

Our original plan was to use this summer to complete and test other parts of our platform but have decided to put that on hold so we can best serve students whose internships have been cancelled or become unavailable.

We have been flooded with requests. Here is a snapshot of applicants for the full stack pathway:



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