Page doesn't exist or is private different font and different language

Hello all :wave:

Why is my ‘page doesn’t exist or is private’ in a different font and written in what seems to be Russian?


It seems that the not-found page treats users as anonymous users. We have the set locale from accept language header setting enabled on Meta. This setting is intended to set the locale for anonymous users to the locale that’s sent with their browser’s language headers.

When I set my browser’s locale to French, the not-found page uses the French locale even if I’m logged into Meta. This might be acceptable, but if a locale that is not set in your browser’s language settings is being displayed for you, it is a problem.

Are you able to check your browser’s language settings? On Chrome, the language is set in the Advanced settings:


Hi Simon,

I’ll take a look in a while. Thanks for your reply. :smiley:

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I checked today and I found it like this. Not sure what happened yesterday at all.

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Thanks for checking that. My concern is that there could be a caching issue related to the set locale from accept language header setting that would cause the 404 page to be displayed with the incorrect locale under some circumstances. It seems likely that is what happened the previous time that you accessed that page.

There were some recent changes made to how Discourse caches pages for anonymous users. Those changes should prevent this from happening, but it’s possible that there are still issues with caching the 404 page.


I see. Thanks for the detailed clarification. If I see it again I will let you know.