[PAID] automatically change user email

I want to be able to automatically change user email, without needing to send confirmation email, with admin api call. I’m OK with this plugin being opensourced or even be merged to core discourse as a pull request(If main developer wish to add such functionalities).

My use-case is, I am verifying user email with my own code. So dont need to ask for another verification by discourse.

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You don’t need a plugin; you need to modify your code to make the API do do what you want.

What is your code written in?

Do you have a budget?

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If you’re verifying email externally does that mean SSO? If so include that the email has already been verified in the callback.


As far as I know, discourse doesn’t have an api call to modify user email without confirmation. It has a shell command to do it, however its not suitable with my situation.

I’ve written my own api with php.

I really don’t know how much it takes. The code is already implemented in core as shell command. I’m not sure how much it takes to provide it in api.

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SSO already supports external email verification. The WordPress plug-in for example already handles this when Wordpress is authoritative for identity.


No I didnt implement SSO. I just verify user email with other means and need to change it via an api call without further confirmation.

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Is it worth $5, $50, $500, or $5000?

What language is your code written in?

Can you take 2 steps back and describe what you are trying to make happen?

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Ok, but why not implement an IdP/SSO?

Then this whole problem goes away.

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I am looking for something between 50 and 500 :smiley:

As I said, my api is written by php.

I have an application and my forum is linked to user profile in my application. Users can change their email within my application and I want to automatically change discourse user email too.

Sorry I dont know what is IdP but as for SSO, since I already have a large userbase, implementing an sso for my discourse would break current users account and they need to verify themselves again. I don’t like that. And my problem would be fixed as easily as being able to change email without confirmation with an API call.

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You don’t know what it is, but you can state the above definitively? Curious.


Sorry, I shouldn’t be so sure since I have a limited knowledge on the subject, but as far as I understand, according to the following statement, users need to verify themselves in sso provider.

I mean if user is registered in discourse, but did not register in sso provider, If I enable sso, they need to register in sso provider. Yes?

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What’s stopping you exporting the user list into whatever SSO you deploy?

You haven’t elaborated on how you currently verify email addresses or why the above is truly necessary. There could be a simpler way to achieve all of this if you answer some of Jay’s questions.

Why not let Discourse handle verification rather than verify emails yourself externally then rely on code to manipulate the discourse database?

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Can we export them with their password? If so, please let me know if there is a documentation for it.

Like discourse, I send an email link to verify email.

I wanted to do that. The problem is, I need to immediately know about email confirmation. However discourse didn’t have a user web hook for email/username change.

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So why not let Discourse handle SSO for you and just consume identity from Discourse. That way you never need to worry about email verification again.

You’re asking for a perceived solution without giving us the full picture here. There are lots of good reasons to not want a means to bypass email verification. Running disparate systems is just going to create lots of unnecessary work down the line.

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Because discourse wont let me have phone authentication. I need something to be able to handle email and phone verification/authentication at once.

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Ok. Long story short - since OP knows very well what he needs - I will be able to deliver a plugin that offers an API call to change a users email address (without sending an email or requiring any other kind of activation) for $200.


Ok. This is agreeable for me.


OP didn’t mind sharing the plugin with all of you, so here it is:



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