[Paid] Create a way to link to multiple select categories (create archive plugin)

I posted in support and it was suggested that this might require a plugin.

I use Discourse for a unique purpose. My forum is an in-world exploration of my publishing company’s narrative universe. My readers use it to pretend the events and characters in the books are real.

I have four categories that are an archive of a recent year-long interactive narrative that was turned into a book of its own. I don’t want to keep them on the front page, but I do want a link to them available on my header menu, for new readers to be able to explore.

Is there a way to create a link that leads to a view of four categories, instead of one?

Sort of an archive link, where in Admin you could choose which categories to show at this link, and possibly in what order they appear?

I would like this finished before August if possible.

I have a budget of $2-300 but am flexible depending on scale of work.

Would this serve your purposes or are you thinking about something more involved?


Would I be able to show multiple, selected categories from my forum on their own page with this plugin?

You could put whatever you want on that page. Only catch is that it would require manual updates.

Thanks for the recommendation @joebuhlig but I’m looking for something dynamic. I just need a page that instead of showing one category, shows four. It’s both simple and complicated.

Any ideas/takers Marketplace?

If it needs to be dynamic, you’ll likely need a custom plugin for it. I still might be able to help. Would you mind emailing me at hello@procourse.co and we can talk details.

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I just emailed you with details. Thank you!

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I’ve been trying to email you at procourse but they keep getting bounced. Here’s what I sent last week:

That sounds right but as for layout, the categories I’m wanting to put there (right now) have a sequential order so I dont know if I’d need different versions of ordering like Feverbee.

I do think for myself, and others using this in the future, being able to have multiple urls would be useful. For example, I might like to have a general archive url and then a url for the narrative experience I’m trying to sequester.

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