[PAID] A plugin/component to show only categories I choose to show on an "alternate front page"

What would you like done?

I use Discourse for a unique purpose. My forum is an in-world exploration of my publishing company’s narrative universe. My readers use it to pretend the events and characters in the books are real. But as the forum has grown we also have out-of-world categories and topics as well.

Some readers want to have an only in-world experience, while most casual readers want to see everything when they show up to the forum, both in and out of world.

I would like what amounts to two front pages. One that shows everything, like a typical Discourse install, and one that only shows categories I choose to show.

When do you need it done?
Before November would be optimal.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I have a budget of $500 but am also flexible depending on scale of work.

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What I’d recommend (with my favorite hammer) is moving the out-of-world categories to a separate Discourse instance that is an SSO slave to the other.

But you could also just use groups and have the out-of-world categories visible only to those who have joined that group. The only down-side is that the out-of-world categories wouldn’t be visible to search engines.

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Great suggestions as always, Jay. Thank you. I think the group option comes closest to a solution, but all my in-world readers still want to visit and engage in the out-of-world elements at some point.

As for the second instance, I feel like it would segment the community, and I’m already spending a lot of time managing one.

Basically I’d like a plugin where I could choose a custom permalink and then hand select the categories that show at that link.

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I’m sure this can be done with a plugin by creating custom filter. You can PM me if you need further help.


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