PAID: Create Open Source SSO plugin to auth with Wild Apricot

A non-profit I work with is looking for SSO integration for Wild Apricot membership management software.

Wild Apricot (WA) provides an oAuth implementation (info on that is here), but I am not familiar enough with Ruby to successfully create a plugin. Since this may benefit others who use Wild Apricot, we would like for the code to be made available on GitHub under a BSD license.

I attempted to implement it (you can see my attempt here), but had no success nor enough understanding of Discourse to troubleshoot (I’m looking at the code and it looks like I left a few Slack references in there… whoops).

The Discourse docker installation that we need this on is not currently in use, so it will be available for development use. And of course I’ll provide the Wild Apricot API keys as needed.

hi there

i am working with your case also

we have an Oauth2 server ( and we implement discourse (

and in several case it work login using account (register and login using FB), but in several case wont esp my fb :).

we just use sso plugin

glad if you work smiliar like us, you can share… dont need to create sso plugins.

If I understand correctly, you’ve used the standard sso plugin but have somehow provided it details to login to your own oAuth server? That would be nice, it sounds simpler. :smile:

I looked at the Official SSO Plugin, but Wild Apricot provides an API Key, a Client ID, and a Client Secret. All of that seemed to be too much for the Official SSO Plugin.

Yup, that’s for OAuth, not Discourse’s custom SSO protocol.

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Aha! Lightbulb moment! I was not understanding that the SSO referred to in the settings was not actually oAuth. Thanks for that insight.

Do you want a Discourse plugin that implements another auth strategy OR a SSO implementation, that Discourse calls on access and can live elsewhere and communicate with Wild Apricot via the REST api and respond to Discourse?

I’m looking for Discourse to authenticate with Wild Apricot. As far as I understand it, Wild Apricot can be an oAuth provider and a plugin can be created for Discourse to use this authentication method.

correct eliot

we create our own OAuth2, and try to make sure we implement correctly, but also need to “trust” the official SSO also stable enough, here, we blame each other between discourse team that setup it, and developer team that develop our Oauth2 server

we will implement multitenant also :slight_smile: so we can make more complex implementation

any idea to test an oauth2 provider, so we believe that the oauth providers are compatible.

I would be interested in working on this if it’s still required.

Hopefully this is slightly less of a draw-out and traumatic experience as compared to my last foray into the world of Discourse and OAuth2: GitHub - LeoMcA/discourse-webmaker-id: Discourse plugin which adds Webmaker authentication

I haven’t been able to figure it out, would love for some help. Can PM me?

Created and posted in the plugin directory: Wild Apricot login plugin


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