Wild Apricot login plugin

Creation generously sponsored by @eliot


Follow the Discourse Install a Plugin guide, using git clone https://github.com/LeoMcA/discourse-wildapricot-auth.git as the command.

Ensure you set the wildapricot_server, wildapricot_client_id, wildapricot_client_secret and wildapricot_account_id settings either in the admin interface or through the DISCOURSE_WILDAPRICOT_SERVER, DISCOURSE_WILDAPRICOT_CLIENT_ID, DISCOURSE_WILDAPRICOT_CLIENT_SECRET and DISCOURSE_WILDAPRICOT_ACCOUNT_ID environment variables.




Hi @LeoMcA

First – thanks very much for this plugin. It’s working very well for us.

I’ve run into one issue though: if our members change their email address in their account on Wild Apricot, that change does not propagate to their account on Discourse. This has undesirable effects, because we have email replies enabled. An example scenario:

  1. Fred has a membership account on Wild Apricot, with email "fred@fred.com"
  2. Fred signs up for our Discourse forum, which grabs "fred@fred.com" from Wild Apricot. He chooses the username “Fred”
  3. Fred changes his email on Wild Apricot to "fred@gmail.com" but his email on Discourse is still fred@fred.com
  4. Fred receives an email reply to one of his posts, and replies to it using fred@fred.com. This now appears on discourse, but using the username “Fred1” – “Fred1” is greyed out in the admin list of users, and the email is listed as “unverified”

Can this plugin be configured to keep the user email addresses synced with Wild Apricot?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, I just looked at this again, let me make a correction, because I’m not sure I am seeing consistent behavior.

I created a test account to test the scenario I described above, which gave the results above.

Another user ran into this problem, and “Fred” did get the updated email address "fred@gmail.com". However, when he replied to an email reply using fred@fred.com, a second account (Fred1) was created with the fred.com address.