[PAID] Create Xbox Live Login Auth0 for Discourse plugin

Hey folks - I run XboxEra.com and our forums (forum.xboxera.com) via Discourse.

We have a plugin to allow users to login/signup via their existing Microsoft accounts.

Now, I can’t seem to find ANY documentation, but I want to allow users to link their gamertags to the platform - so users can display their gamertag profiles, gamerscores etc.

The best I could find was this: Xbox services API overview - Microsoft Game Development Kit | Microsoft Learn

It looks like, (and I’m no dev) that users have go through Auth0 AND then use the token to call on the above API?

It would be really useful so we could link them to our existing “Game Pass” app - dayone.xboxera.com for example.

I’ve seen Discourse forum The Hive Forums (playhive.com) using Discourse, and has a working XBL Auth0 login - so I know it’s possible.



I can’t tell quickly whether there is some way to use the XBox API and an email address to get their gamertag.

Does playhive get the gamertags immediately on login without another step?

Do you have a budget?

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They do ask permission for that in the steps to setup a new account (with Microsoft account login for their discourse forum):

Apparently you need a mine craft account too for that I don’t have one of those so failed to create an account got server error 500 then 404.

Thanks for the response @pfaffman - the way it’s been explained to me is that there are Xbox Live specific token exchanges and user data fetching.

One dev friend (doesn’t know Ruby) said that anyone creating a plugin could use his repo to help them

The current plugin seems to handle the basic exchange to get a OAuth token, but it must be exchanged to a XSTS token (Xbox Token)

And yes, I can pay -

At your forum site I don’t see an option to login with a Microsoft account, you say there is a plugin already enabled for that so it should be possible?

For the hive forum it looks like that can only be accessed with a Microsoft account for login, which contains xbox account information.

I may be able to help to develop this feature for your site, but for writing code I don’t have background in that is not my field. Jay or someone else here hopefully can do that.

For this marketplace looks like you are supposed to post if you have a specific budget for a project.

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