[PAID] Custom Invite import

Hey developers,

I’m looking for someone to develop and maintain a custom invite import plugin.

Here’s a rough feature outline:

  • The forum is closed for public. Only team members can access it. These team members are added and removed every month
  • We upload and XLSX file every month containing names, emails and an ID for each member of a team.
  • The ID is held in a custom user profile field that cannot be managed by the users themselves.
  • On upload for each row of the XLSX field the custom profile field containing the ID needs to be checked for existence.
  • If no user with the given ID exists and invite shall be sent
  • A user group needs to be attached to the user based on other fields in the XLSX file
  • At the end the IDs of users on the forums but not in the XLSX field shall be listed for reference.

There’s no fix budget for the job and the company that needs it is small but as the manual process currently takes a few hours every month they are willing to spend some money to have this more automated.

The job should be done within the next month at latest - ideally within the next 2 weeks.

If you have any questions please ask or place your offer - DMs welcome.

Thank you!


I am interested to take this up, I’ll PM you


I found someone to do the job, thank you everyone for applying.


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