Edit "New Topic" for a specific category?

I’m sure lots of people have a similar situation.

We have a “Requests” category, where users can request resources from the community, which includes a template response to help them make clear and useful requests.

In user testing we’ve found users a bit confused by this category, and one of the solutions suggested was to change New Topic > New Request, to help users understand the action.

Is this possible?

The only posts in Meta I could find were about changing New Topic (js.topic.create) globally, rather than for a specific category…



Here is a way how you can achieve it for now but I am thinking to create an easily changeable theme component with some settings from this. :thinking: We’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:

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@carbonrich - here is some simple CSS code fun for you if you want to try. you will need to change the CATEGORY_PLUG to the appropriate category plug for the one you want the button to be used in.

common css

    #create-topic.btn-default.btn.btn-icon-text {
        width: 160px;
           span.d-button-label {
            position: relative;
            visibility: hidden;
           span.d-button-label:after {
            content: "New Request";   
            position: absolute;
            visibility: visible;
            left: 0px;
            top: 0px;

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Thanks @Don, not sure how I missed this, a theme component would be great, happy to contribute a bit financially to that happening if it helps.

Also thanks @Lilly this is definitely something that would work technically, but I don’t think it’s a11y / WCAG compliant, see for example:

My knowledge on that might be a little outdated though, so happy to be corrected.

I’ve built a theme component that can change this text per category or tag:


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