[PAID] Custom Profile Fields / Charts

Hi all,

Not sure where exactly this should go. Essentially, I would like to have a separate profile tab on everyone’s profile, that would populate charts for each user to manually input info. I work on a Readathon site, where over 7 days, readers input how many pages they read each day and what book they are reading. I’m not sure if this is a plugin, or some other setup.

So, a reader would go in and under the Monday field, say that they read 45 pages. Then, the graph would populate to display the 45 pages. This was how it looked last year, though we are overhauling it this year. This was built with BuddyPress on WordPress, but we’re now trying to have our entire user experience and management on Discourse.

Any help would be much appreciated! There’s also a world in which I could hire someone to build this out, I would just have to talk to the team about it. Open to any ideas and pitches!

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:thinking: I think you should check the #marketplace section, and maybe move this topic there.

Done, thanks for the rec!

We at Pavilion may be able to help. I’ve developed a similar plugin, though it uses doughnut chart instead of bar chart:

Sending you a PM :slight_smile:


Just an update here - I went with @mbcahyono for this plugin, and he did an AMAZING job. I’m a big question asker and had so many back and forth exchanges with him. He was patient, competent, and understanding.

Plus, he got the plugin done on a rushed timeline, and did it flawlessly. By the time he got me the first round, there were only a couple small technical tweaks. Otherwise, it worked EXACTLY as we needed it and the team was so pleased. Here’s a screenshot of the beautiful design!

I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful. I also can’t recommend him enough for any of your needs!