[PAID] A plugin for showing some charts in user profile and topics

I have an educational android application. In this application, I gather some user activity data, day by day, and show them in some charts to the user. So that they could know their daily progress and effort.

I thought that these charts would be interesting and motivational for other users. So I am thinking of showing these charts publicly in the forum user profile page. I want a developer to do this job for me.

I just need two kind of charts:

1- A line chart which I think discourse already has implemented it in Admin panel for views, etc.
2- A punchcard chart. Somthing like what github shows in user profile page. (I found this repository which might be usefull)

Most of the data are provided with the application. We just need some user custom variables in discourse to store them. However we might also need some user data from discourse too. For example the daily contribution (post, topics, replies) to show them as a contribution punchcard graph in their profile.

I don’t know if its possible, but we would like to be able to feature the best users, by showing their charts in topics. So for example something like a shortcode or oneboxing it to show a user chart in a topic would be really great (if possible).

Please let me know if you can do this work or if you have any question about this.

Update 1: Moving data from application to discourse would be handled mostly by myself.


It may be useful:


Thank you very much for the link. However I didn’t understand what is the difference between the link I provided for Punchcards and yours? it seems to me that they are the same? Or I’m missing something?

As I understand it, my example is made on js
And you can implement this in the plugin.
But the output of the diagram will be dynamic, for large loads it is necessary generate an image file.

Thank you very much for your clarification. However since I don’t know how to write a plugin for discourse, I’m waiting for a developer to do it for me.

we’ve developed a widget for showing some measurements to user in the right sidebar of the homepage, as shown in this image:

the work is still under progress, and based on this post I know it needs to get better, since we developed it fast to test the effect on users.

for TL0:
it simply shows the limits that needs to be passed so that a user can go to TL1.

after upgrading to TL1:
the user is asked to fill some basic information, right from this widget and without going to the profile page. e.g. name, avatar, birthday, position.

for TL1-2:
the plugin basically shows the efficiency of a user, which is defined as the total number of likes that a user could generate via his/her topic; so somehow the efficiency shows you how your topic has engaged others to discuss and post good & likable replies.

the repository is available here.

p.s.: I have translated the text to Persian in our case, but you can use it in other languages as well.


Thank you very much for your suggestion. Although what I need is something different, but using this widget could also be very useful in educational communities.

Did you link correctly here? it goes to telegram notification plugin that I’m not sure how its related.

And btw for your plugin, is there a topic to explain in more details, how we could install, customize and use it?

You can also look at our widget, which displays some data. Level of trust, time of reading, etc.

It is a part of: discourse-sidebar-blocks
I just started to do it.


no, there’s no topic for the widget at the moment. I’ll make a topic as soon as we find out about the goodness of the plugin (I mean when we were sure we’re not doing anything wrong with the core discourse itself).

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