[Paid] - Discource Adsense Plugin Modification (multi Adsense ID)

What would you like done?
Basically I am looking for a custom plugin to setup something similar to the quora partner program using google adsense spots instead. Essentially this plugin will allow users to enter their own adsense ID, and then for topics they create it will show their adsense ads. I am not familiar with the inner workings of discourse so not sure if this is even possible. But I think it should be by modifying the official discourse adsense plugin.

How it should work
The forum homepage would show the sites admin adsense ads, but on user topics it will show the topic authors adsense ads, and if they did not enter an adsense ID, it would default to the admin adsense ads. The adsense ID should be entered via a custom field on the users profile page.

Once this is done there are a few things I would like to to to extend this with some advanced features.
This would include sharing the ads spot between multiple adsense accounts. For example site admin will get 10% and user will get 90%.
Finally we would like to integrate with the discourse solved plugin, so that the topic author and the user who solved the issue can both share adsense spots.

Please PM me if you would like to work on this and what your price/time schedule is for the basic plugin, and we can discuss the extra features later after the initial version is working.

I certainly can help you with that. Sending you a PM.

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