[PAID] Discourse form theme update

Current forum: https://forums.wyzecam.com/
Proposed addition (in-progress) here: Wyze Forum Redesign - Requirements - Google Docs

What would you like done? We need to update our forum: https://forums.wyzecam.com/ with additional widgets (similar to the one that exists right now)

When do you need it done? End of November

What is your budget,? Flexible

Please let me know if you are available, you may also reach me at markjosephltan@gmail.com if I don’t see this right away.


Hey @mtan,

We’ve just been working on some projects exactly like this for a few different clients and can work with your proposed schedule. Please book in a time with one of our project managers to nail down the spec here: Calendly - Pavilion. They can show you similar work along these lines on the call.




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