[PAID] Extending Custom Wizard Plugin

Custom Wizard Plugin is a great plugin, and I’m looking to extend its features by adding a custom field with a few options and configurable settings.

Ideally, I would like to:

  • Add a new “verification token” field to the plugin’s list of selectable fields, having all the features the plugin provides for fields.
    • This field generates a random 12-character key that is unique to the user going through the wizard.
    • This unique key is displayed to the user during the step it’s applied too, this is the one and only time the user gets to see this key.
    • This unique key should be saved to the user’s profile, but only viewable by Admin group.
    • If the user re-does the wizard and it has this field, it should generate a new unique key, overriding the old one.

Field’s Purpose:

This field is to help with a simple “verification” process. The user is going to fill out the Wizard in 4 Steps:
Step 1: Read instructions and Upload two photos: Front/Back of a Photo ID
Step 2: Write down the unique key to this verification process.
Step 3-a: Upload selfie image with ID, their Face and the unique key is written on a piece of paper.
Step 3-b: Auto place the user into the “pending” group.
Step 4: Wizard Complete - Save all 3 images and the unique key to the user’s profile but hide all fields. Only Admin can see so they can verify user (manually moving them from age-pending group to Age Verified group).

Plugin Config Options:

  • Allow admin to remove a key and images from an account if the user fails the process so they have to go through the wizard again at another time.

My budget for the task is around $175usd but can be negotiated depending on complexity and timeline. Ideally, I’m looking to complete as soon as possible, but I can allow for more time for a quality deliverable, rather then a rushed one.

Please feel free to message me if you have further questions. I’m a full-time front-end WordPress developer making the dive into Discourse and I’m still learning EmberJS so I’m looking for a more experienced developer to help create this for me as it’s above my skill-set!

I have the Wizard already set up in my instance, but it’s missing the unique field to help tie in the whole process. I created a thread about in Plugins, too.

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Anyone able to help take this on? Is my budget to small? Looking to get this project going!

If you don’t mind me asking… What actually this secret token is supposed to verify?

I’m not much of a plugin developer,but I’ve worked with a few. I’m guessing that your budget needs to increase by a factor of 3 to 10.

Hey @MakaryGo, the generated token is to make sure the image they’re uploading is unique. But this is a manual check. The token itself doesn’t verify anything programmatically…

A random token generated and attached to the account so that when a staff member is looking at the images uploaded during the wizard process that one of them has the token written down inside the image. They simply look to see if the token they wrote down matches the one provided during the wizard sequence.

This stops someone with a photo of a fake ID to try and use it for verification purposes because the image you’re taking needs your ID, Face and that unique key all in the image.

Many finance and currency exchange websites do this method of ID verification. They generate a random token that’s associated with you that you can only see once during the verification process. If you start the process again, a new token is generated and new images of your face, the ID and that token need to occur.

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