[PAID] File sharing plugin

This plugin will do the following:

  • Users can login and upload and share files.

  • The interface can be a “wizard” where the user goes through required steps and fills out required info about the file upload OR a single form page.

  • The user that submitted file will have the ability to go back to that submission and delete or update the content. In other words, they will have the ability to upload new content that replaces the prior content and/or change title, description, and other custom fields.

Custom Discourse Plugin:

  • The custom discourse plugin will not make breaking changes to how Discourse forum system works natively so that the community site will be safe for future Discourse updates.

  • The plugin will customize the front end look and feel of the posted topic and the selected category that the uploads will be posted in a way that makes more sense visually to the end user.

  • The layout should focus more on the file upload and not topics text, comments or discussion.

Development and testing of Discourse Plugin:

  • Code updates will be pushed to a public repository on the our Github account that the developer will be added as a collaborator and have ability to push code changes.

  • The plugin Github url will be added to the test site in the app.yml file under the Plugins section.

  • The QA / testing of the plugin will be on the our Discourse test site prior to release on the production site.

  • Once we are notified that a code update is complete we will do a rebuild of the test side which will pull in the updated custom plugin code for QA / Testing and review.

We’d like it done by mid-June, this month.

Price is negotiable.

Hey @Sean_Strycker

What you’re describing sounds very similar to the functionality of the Custom Wizard Plugin. You can add upload fields to a wizard, and then create topics containing the upload and any other user submitted data.


Thanks @angus for the suggestion. The custom wizard plugin could possibly be part of what we need but we have not decided on if the form should be a wizard or just a form on a single page. Plus the plugin also needs to modify the look of the category and topic page and some other functionality not listed here.

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