[Paid] Fix a Steam plugin oAuth bug for unconfirmed emails

What would you like done?
This Steam login plugin works well – except when an email isn’t confirmed, logging in will popup a 502 error: Steam Login / Authentication Plugin

The original creator faded out from the project, but we’d definitely like to use it. Demo use:

When do you need it done?
Whenever – I’m mostly asking for quotes and to see who is interested, so far. It’s not dire, but I do have it on my live forum now – so sooner is better.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Quotes are best – Let me know what sounds fair. This is my first request, so I’m not quite sure the going rate for such a bug fix. I’m an indie game studio, so budget is limited but I can def pay something :slight_smile:


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