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Brief: Edgeryders questionnaire

We are deploying a new onboarding funnel for edgeryders.eu. Multiple overlapping communities are working on the platform to understand and solve problems. A vital part of this work is to invite new stories and perspectives, and to do so we want to create a simpler and more welcoming first contact with our communities. Our way of engaging people revolves around asking open questions relating to the subject matter we are exploring.

Our new onboarding interface is a questionnaire where the answers get posted to edgeryders.eu, and the user would then automatically claim that content as their own when they registered on edgeryders.eu.

We are building the first version of it to be used on a tablet at the Biennale of Design in Ljubljana on November 14th. To leave some time for testing, the deadline to have the interface ready is on November 4th.

Project scope

Edgeryders have already built the API which creates a user on edgeryders.eu with a given email and makes a post on that user’s behalf. This API is described in the Edgeryders API documentation, under 3.4. Multisite account creation.

This brief is for creating a fully client-side javascript form which collects:

  • A users email
  • Responses to a number of questions from a user
  • Some additional but voluntary data

It then should then:

  • Compile answers to questions into a well-formatted Discourse post.
  • Each question should be in bold, followed by the answer.
  • Additional information, like age, goes at the bottom of the post.
  • Request a new account to be created with user email
  • Make a post with compiled answers on edgeryders.eu as a new user


  • Design of the app is specified here for handheld devices, here for tablets and here for desktop. This design shows the actual questions that should be asked and all relevant copy.
  • App should follow the flow and logic described in the API documentation
  • The question definitions and the number of questions should be configurable via a configuration file in JSON or YAML format.
  • App should follow the error handling recommendations and display relevant error messages when they are returned from API and advice user on how to proceed
  • Once a post has been submitted, the app should show the account summary as described on
  • App should be completely client-side without any code running server-side, except for hosting.
  • App should be built with the Vue.js framework.
  • Developer must publish the code on GitHub and make regular commits and pushes during development.
  • Reporting and collaboration with Edgeryders must happen on edgeryders.eu platform.
  • App must be delivered by November 1st.


  • This software will be open-source on the MIT license.


  • We are offering 1000 EUR (approx 1100 USD), paid on delivery.

How to apply

  • Post in the Edgeryders Discourse thread, along with a link to some of your work.

Remember that it’s vital that you would be done by November 4th.

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Hey there @hugi,

Our custom wizard plugin allows you to create a wide variety of forms within Discourse. You can use the data submitted in a form to create a post within Discourse.

It sounds like the main difference between a custom wizard and what you’re describing is that you’re anticipating user account creation to occur after submission, or at the end of the form, whereas the custom wizard plugin currently requires a user account.

However, you can force a user to complete a wizard immediately after account creation. So one way of implementing this right now would be to put account creation at the start, followed by the collection of further data in the wizard with an associated “create_topic” action.

If you’re sure you want account creation to happen after the form is filled, we could work with you to add that as a feature to the Custom Wizard Plugin.



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