[Paid] Frontend dev for integration of a new UI design

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We are a startup of 140+ employees, building a decentralized network of food distribution communities, each community is managed by a Host. We have around 1000 in Europe. We want the Hosts, the Farmers, and the Members to collaborate online.
After a year of internal testing, La Ruche qui dit Oui ! (The Food Assembly in UK) is ready to bring our network on our Discourse.

What would you like done?

We need a frontend developer to integrate a new “skin” for our enterprise discourse instance.
The design is being reworked by Marz, who already designed our online magazine (ex blog :yum:)

When do you need it done?

Designs are planned to be delivered in July.
SSO is planned to be delivered in August.
A delivery for September would be swell.
But depending on the design complexity, and/or if middle/backend dev is needed, the project could be sliced into several deliveries.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Again, depending on the design complexity (and project breakdown) we’re planning a first investment between $2000 & $8000.

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