PAID: gamification plugin

I’m looking for someone passionate about developing for discourse to help with the following project.

I’m very interested in gamification. Especially using gamification in education.

This site - - has exactly the type of functionality i would like to recreate in our site. Specifically, their game called image quiz dots is exactly what i’m looking for. However, a major downside of their site is that it won’t let you embed their games on any other websites.

I’m looking for a developer interested in creating a similar game. I would require that users are able to make their own game by uploading their own images and placing point of interest on those images. Then users would have to be able select the correct dot according to a question playing against a timer that stops when they have corretly identified all the options. Finally the game would have to keep track of your score and show you how you rank against other people.

Email me @

Please provide, your experience in programing. Especially ember.js and ruby on rails.
Any similar projects.
Your approximation of the costs and duration of the project.



What is the website this will be on?

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