[PAID] Importing and custom plugin


I have a new discourse droplet at Digital Ocean and I need someone to help me out to get this going.

Here’s what I currently need:

  1. I have a private membership site with class lessons inside a Wordpress blog with DISQUS comments below each of these classes. I would like to have a unique topic for each of these posts and then import those existing comments to the matching topic created inside Discourse;
  2. I have also a Xenforo forum that I would like to import inside Discourse.
  3. I have users from that forum that I’d like to import to Discourse as well.
  4. Finally, I’d need a custom plugin that would receive a POST notification from my payment system, and based on the data provided (usually we use 3 fields: token, product_id and offer) create a custom user with a limited time access, like 6 or 12 or 24 months.

I’d specify that timeframe somewhere in the plugin on its code. So for example:

if (token = X AND product_id = Y AND offer = Z6) {6 months access}
if (token = X AND product_id = Y AND offer = Z12) {12 months access}
if (token = X AND product_id = Y AND offer = UL) {Unlimited access}

Something like that.

I don’t need just one person to do ALL these tasks. So feel free to quote a price or get in touch to discuss one or more of these tasks.


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