[PAID] Looking for an experienced Discourse expert to advise/manage a large geo site build out

I have lightly experimented with discourse on some of my other web projects over the past year and am looking for an experienced and passionate expert to help me perfectly install, manage, and brainstorm a large geo domain discourse instance. I don’t want to publicly list the domain here but it is similar to Montana.com , BritishColumbia.com etc…

Please PM me for further details or with your Skype if this is something that interests you .

Best Regards

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You’d probably get more response if you let people know a bit more of what is involved for example, are they doing all the server management? Are they maintaining it? If so, for how long? Do they need to import a current community or assist you building one from scratch? What compensation would they receive? Do they need to design the site as well or just install default discourse?

It’s a very vague project you posted, the more specific you are here the better chance the right person to do the job you want accomplished will respond.


Thank you for the suggestion, it’s much appreciated. Originally I was planning to go over details through PM but on second thought you’re right in saying it would be easier if put here.

I am looking for someone to be responsible for server management & maintenance through at least the rest of 2016. Preferably this would turn into a long term relationship that could incorporate other projects.

The community will be built from scratch. Compensation could be hourly, an overall percentage/partnership in the project or a combination of both. I’m looking to discuss this on a case by case basis.

Site design assistance is not necessary.

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Please define “Large”.

Would britishcolumbia.com be considered large? I wound consider it so, others may not.

The geo domain I am referencing for this project currently has about half the monthly search volume as compared to the term “British Columbia”.

Well, according to Alexa.com stats, the BritishColumbia.com is not in the top 1 million websites globally, so I would not say it is big or popular.

The reason I am asking this is the impact on the infrastructure --> administration effort. I run a Discourse site that ranks in top-30 among Discourse setups, clocking some 1.000.000 page views per week. That is not yet considered large and is manageable with a single box VPS setup. But if you go much bigger that, you’ll need more complex solutions, which increase the administration effort.

So do you have any estimates on users/pageviews etc.? If this is going to be connected to a main website, what are the numbers there?

A simple VPS setup would most likely be plenty for now.

To clarify, I am referencing the monthly search #s of “British Columbia” and the value of the brand “britishcolumbia.com”, not the particular .com itself (which after checking, forwards elsewhere anyways).

I have no intentions of over estimating the scope of this project. 50k unique users within the 1st year would be large by my standards.


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