[Paid] Migrate Vbulletin and Socialengine to discourse

What would you like done?
am needing expert assistance in moving a forum from VBulletin 3.8 to Discourse.

The scope of the job would be:

We’ve added things like

1.) vbseo url rewrite

2.) Additional fields like Real Full Name that replaces username field.

3.) Replaced profile page of vbulletin with a customized social engine page that pulls activity data of the user from across the site

4.) Similar content displayed from across the site below first post of each discussion thread.

5.) Custom navigation menu

6.) Integration of vbulletin with social engine so that once a user logs in either cms, he is logged in on full site.

The above are just customizations in vbulletin.

Apart from forum, all other sections are powered by the socialengine cms. We’ve customized the templates even in those sections.

1.) Custom homepage.

2.) User wall : http://www.managementparadise.com/user_home.php

3.) Projects

4.) Institutes

5.) Articles

6.) Blogs

7.) Videos

8.) Communities

9.) Events

10.) Jobs

Is it possible to migrate all of this data somehow to discourse?

  • Setup proper SEO and url redirects.

  • Assist with advice on best practices (a few hours of tutorial on the architecture, development practices and customization)

Please provide a time effort estimate after reading the scope properly.

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I can help. I’ll send a pm.


Sure thing, I look forward to hear from you.

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