PAID: Migrating existing PhpBB forum to discourse

I have an existing (11 year old) site, which I want to port/migrate to Discourse.
It is based on a combination of PhpBB 3, Drupal 5 and Gallery 2 (inactive, but has content).
Site has 4000 users, 50K posts, 12K images and some content (on the drupal side) - altogether around 4GB of data

Would like to hire someone to do a port/migration to Discourse. need an estimation of effort/price required.
The main thing is to port the PhpBB forum with all users and content, the rest is not important and can be manually done by me.


  1. Port of all data from PhpBB to Discourse installation (offline)
  2. Basic theme for discourse (using existing logo an complementary color scheme).
  3. Site is in Hebrew, so RTL everything is required (not admin interface, only user facing).



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