[Paid] Migrating old wordpress comments and users to Discourse

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I was successful in setting up discourse as the commenting platform for wordpress. Unfortunately, there are no migration scripts. Which means one can create a new wordpress post and the corresponding discourse post and comments will be created.

This leads to maintaining two commenting solutions (wordpress and discourse). It’s a messy thing to do.

@simon has a WIP project that needs to be completed

read through the earlier discussion link for context.
I run a small blog and don’t think I can afford these wonderful programmers. Nevertheless, I want to get this started and commit. Are there other people who would want to pitch in?

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Yes, this is a real problem that should be solved.

I like this plugin, but I’m not sure that it’s the best way to approach the problem. Using it to migrate your forum (1000 users 2500 comments) would result in over 6000 API calls. These calls will need to be done in batches and rate limited. Other than that, it still needs to be setup to handle categories, and to handle multi-level threaded comments (when there is a reply to a reply.) The last two issues are easily solvable, the rate limiting issue is more of a problem, because it’s dependent on the WordPress site’s server configuration.

I think a better approach would be to create a migration script that is similar to what is outlined here: Migrating from bbPress WordPress plugin to Discourse. Some step by step instructions for using the script could be provided. The benefits of doing it this way are that it could safely handle a migration for sites of any size, and it wouldn’t be dependent on the WordPress site’s server configuration.


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