[Paid] Migration from Flarum to Discourse

What would you like done?

I have a small private community (<500 members) on “Flarum” that I want to migrate to an existing Discourse installation (empty).

The absolute minimum is:

  • Users (usernames and passwords)
  • Topics and Posts

A category migration would be great.


  • Likes
  • Avatars

(There are no attachments or anything else that need to be migrated)

When do you need it done?

There is no particular deadline, within 30 days would be great though.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

As a non-developer, I’m not sure what is appropriate here and how much time it all takes, but as I am on a really tight budget right now, I can offer around $250 (I hope that’s realistic).

Additional Information:


Thanks in advance for any reply.


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Here are my notes on migrations: Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC

Unless @codinghorror is interested in Subsidizing an inporter for flarum, your budget is likely unrealistic.


Is migrating passwords even possible? Last I knew hashing differences meant it was not.

Sometimes. Migrated password hashes support. At least once I wrote an importer and the migrate password plugin just worked, but your mileage may vary.


Flarum uses bcrypt so migrating the passwords should be perfectly doable.


To help make this more realistic we are also happy to donate $250 to the cause, so all up the budget is $500. (clearly the import scripts need to be committed into Discourse though, so others benefit)


Awesome, thank you, I appreciate it and hope that more will find this useful (I’m confident that more will switch, especially those who use this for business, as Flarum’s development sadly doesn’t seem to go anywhere).


Shameless plug:


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