[PAID] Native app for discourse with push notifications

Testing waters here. I basically need a native android/iOS (whitelabel) that:

  1. Launches the website in a chopped up browser (only back/forward buttons, no URL bar/settings/etc)
  2. Has push notifications for member activity (pm’s/notifications)
  3. Mass push notifications

Two out of three of those requirements (1 and 3) can be accomplished via sites like appypie.com, but I also need requirement #2. I am also willing to pay for consulting/setup if you believe there is a service out there that will directly help me with what I need. If you have the knowledge or know how to build one, please quote me via PM.

EDIT: I also know Discourse has it’s own app for this, but it’s quite cumbersome to setup.


I’m actually interested in having this done too. Have you had any progress here?

Not much. Appypie.com quoted me 2500 USD but their timeframe was 3 months, which is too long and I don’t really think they understand my project. This is turning out to be mission impossible.

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