[Paid] Plugin- Allow no email address necessary on registration

What would you like done?
Create a plugin that allows for option to make email required or not required on registration.

When do you need it done?
No immediate rush. Few weeks is fine since holidays are around the corner.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Message with offers.

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You’re going to have a bad time what that one since email is pretty much the only required data for the users.

You could use random emails, but then, your users will never receive any notification by email :sadpanda:

I understand. But members in my community often discuss personal health issues and treatments whether dr ordered or not. Since i switched over while my mods like the format, the new registrations and activity level is almost non existent with me receiving emails about why they need to confirm an email. I explain they can use a throwaway email but most dont care to go that far and just never post any longer.

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To be honest you’ll be better off choosing different software as email = identity at a very deep level in Discourse.

It is possible to switch into anonymous mode if you have that enabled, but the user still has to log in with their email, etc to get to that point.


Even allowing the email just to not need a verification or and where I can post that the email doesnt need to be a validated. Where it would take them in right away by default. When I blocked new users from posting any links before X amount of posts in vb I had little issues with bots posting. I got them in signup and blacklisted email addresses and that kept that down. So not too worried about that for now.

I would love to use email more but at this point its cutting down my registration even from previous users wanting to post. Im even considering putting a link to guerrilla mail somewhere for people to use in the meantime.

I couldnt even signup with my own facebook account thats 7 years old and never had a problem with vb or any other site until this one rejects it.

I love the software and community but would rather pay for a workaround to this problem. I understand for most communities email is better but for mine its really not at this point.

Allowing people to register with an unverified email seems risky - especially for a forum where people are concerned with privacy. One thing that might work would be to authenticate users through another website that uses two factor authentication. If users didn’t want to supply and verify an email address, an email address could be generated for them. If an address was generated with the format username@sms.yourdomain.com, an email service like SendGrid could be used to parse emails sent from Discourse to that domain and POST the contents to a URL. From that URL you could resend the emails as SMS messages using a service like Twilio. This could get expensive though.


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