[PAID] Plugin needed. 800 USD budget, need it quick

Before I state what needs to be done, let me explain what my site does, it will (hopefully) make my plugin requirements easier to understand. I own a small community marketplace forum. Users post their listings (virtual items), they PM each other, and whenever they’re ready to sell, they message the admins to middleman the transaction. Currently, for this system we’re using osTickets (via SSO) to manage the transactions. But, since Discourse already has an “invite user to PM” feature we figured that it would be somewhat easy to turn it into a ticketing system and dump osTickets.

So here are the plugin requirements:

  1. In each PM, there should be an extra button (place to be discussed) that when clicked:
    a. Prompts the user with a popup (warning them that they’re about to start a ticket). Continue/Cancel option. The message within the popup has to be editable in the templates.
    b. If confirmed, it sends a notification to admins (this should be selectable in admin settings on which admins to notify)
    c. Instantly posts a reply to the PM from the system (the message has to be editable in templates)
    d. The message has to contain a randomly generated number (for tracking, it can be random 7-8 digit numbers) which is included in message mentioned in point c. The number also has to inject itself into the PM title, something in lines of [Ticket #8812719] Original title here…
    e. On started tickets, the button has to be disabled, to prevent a user from starting a ticket again.

I think that should do it for now. Looking for long term work/future upgrades. Most of my past work (custom plugins) was performed by @vinothkannans who is a great dev! But I need this rather quickly so I am posting here to see who can get this done first.

Forgot to mention, my budget is flexible.
And just to be clear, we’re not removing or changing the “invite user to PM” feature, but rather basing our new feature on the core function of that feature.

No takers? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not a plugin developer. You might get more takers if you specify what “flexible” means. $100, $500, $1000, $2000? If you need it faster than your previous developer can do it, ask him what a reasonable rate is and use that as a guideline.


I believe the term “flexible” would cover all those prices you’ve mentioned. Why post a number and cap the project? Flexible is flexible. Obviously, anyone in this business will semi know the rough price for this project, this is why I said flexible and not 150 USD, for example.

That is flexible!

Frequently people do post here that they want a day’s work for $45 or a week’s worth for $100. Perhaps “anyone in the business” will know the rough price, but often people asking here don’t know. Perhaps now that it’s clear that you do, in fact, have some idea what this job is worth, someone will be interested!


Still available as the person who offered to do the job is backlogged.

Changed topic to reflect my budget, hopefully, this will help.

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