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What would you like done?

Create Button where white box displays - [Middleman Transaction]

When do you need it done?

End of Q1 2021.

When a user click this box, I need a page where they can enter another members username, which will then launch a group message with the user who initiated the button, the user they input, and a member of staff can join from the admin panel where moderators can pickup the “ticket” or “dm” and join the conversation

  • Think - Middleman conversation where a forum mod is involved.
  • Allow staff member to close the chat at the completion of the interaction. (transaction)
  • Will pay extra for a bot that can guide the users in conversation prior to the admin joining the chat.

Similar to this function on SWAPD

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

1000 OBO - Let’s discuss.


I believe this can all be done with some modification to the ticketing plugin that already exist. I think that’s what is being used in other applications.


Hi @P2W
Greetings from Pavilion. Sending a PM regarding this.


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