[Paid] Plugin to Replace Text in Emailed Postings

I would like to automate the posting of content emailed into Discourse from Zapier. However Zapier is stripping out the <iframe> tag - see here:

To make this somewhat more generalizable, I would like to have a plugin which I can configure for specific target snippets to be replaced when an email comes into Discourse for a specific address.

So for example, an item in the configuration may be that when email arrives for abc@def.discourse.com then any occurrence in the email of<xxx> should be replaced with <iframe> before the email is posted to the applicable Topic.

The project should include sharing the code on GitHub for others to use, as well as installing the plugin on my Discourse installation at Digital Ocean.

If interested please propose a fee and timeline for the project.


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Never mind

Problem solved… Amazon Simple Email Service works with Zapier to send iframe code