[PAID] Post Badges, Reputation Plugin, Custom Link Embedding & Hide IPs from Moderators

What would you like done?
There are a few plugins/theme components that I would like to be created.

1. Post Badges

I’m failing to find anything related to this on the discourse plugin or theme components so I’m gonna have to ask if this is even possible.

2. Reputation plugin

Users are able to give other users reputation. Similar to how many myBB forums have a reputation system. This would be utilized in an onboard marketplace that way users can give others a reputation point after a successful transaction with each other.

3. Taobao and Weidian link embedding

Currently, there is no way to embed links that are from Taobao. However, we want there to be a feature for this.
It would have to look similar to discourses OneBox embedding. Pulling the product image, title (translated from Chinese to English) and price that is listed on the page.

4. Disable Moderator Privileges to view IPs

One of the main things we’re needing right now is a way to prevent users who are moderators from seeing anyone’s IPs. Although we should be able to trust our moderators we want to make sure our user information isn’t available to our moderators.

5. Pinned Topic Widget for Custom Layout Plugin

Pinned Topics Widget- I need a widget that allows ALL pinned topics on the site to appear in the sidebar. With a feature of how many topics to display/which ones are displayed.

When do you need it done?

No set end date, I would just prefer to have the post badges and Taobao & Weidian embedding done first. The reputation plugin (if no one has one set up privately already) would obviously take longer.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

My budget is 100% dependent on the quality of work and how quickly a completed and working product is delivered. I have no set budget so you guys would have to set the price/ballpark me.

Can you explain a bit more on what you mean here? Is this a ranking for posts within a topic?

I can’t say I know of any of these but one of the ProCourse developers has had a lot of ideas around this one.

The rest of this seems pretty straightforward. If you’re open to a team working on this as opposed to a single person, you can hit up ProCourse at hello@procourse.co. But I know there are quite a few very talented freelancers here that could help as well.


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