Paid , PPT uploader and slide show not embeder plugin for discourse

I am teacher in medical University and i have power point collections That’s all my work but now i am struck with this like, In other platforms i should upload them on other places and embed them in wordpress or other cms , so i am fed up with this, I need ppt uploader and it should automaticall play or slide show the presentation and i dont want this embeding system and i want this in discourse Thanks…:slight_smile: @vinothkannans

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i want same plugin in discourse if any one can do it Embed Any Document – WordPress plugin |


You want to embed a PowerPoint or you want to upload only? Forgive me. I had a hard time following your post.

Either way, I’d be interested in looking into this if budget makes it worth my time.


I need an plugin that allows html or ispring code that works in discourse can anyone help

Sorry, but I have read this topic a few times and I’m still unclear on the requirements. It might be that what you want is already possible.

I get that you have a collection of PowerPoint files.
It might be that what you are looking for is adding the file type to your Admin - Settings, so that you can upload them to a post.
Or it may be that you are wanting to link to the file hosted elsewhere and have them oneboxed.

I think the first step is to add the file type to the allowed types setting and upload a smaller weight one to a post.
I’m guessing the post would show as an attached file link, but maybe with luck it will display

I think important considerations include not only the file type, but also weight and dimensions. If the average file weight is in the mega MB range it might be better to off-site them. If the average dimensions are greater than what would fit into a post it might be better to have link or preview image that would open the file in a visitors player.

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