Use Google Slides to make a banner

For those of you who are not aware, Google Slides can be embedded directly into the ‘top’ of Discourse, making a very effective, animated, rotating banner. Very useful for adding a little eye candy, or inserting your own paid ads, or perhaps info about your site.

They are very easy to ‘make’ - simpler even than PowerPoint and… are free (at least in low volume usage).

Here’s 2 slides from one of my test sites, with each element on the page being timed to arrive in sequence using various effects. Transitions between slides can be chosen too. Although for most of us, simpler will probably be less annoying after a while.

Worth taking a look in my view. Very reliable. Simple. Effective and did I mention FREE.


And below is some of the promo blurb from the [Google Slides site.](


Adding, you can also place a link to a slideshow directly into a post as seen here - although there are fewer options available in terms of playback control.


Hi @ccdw, thank you for this tip.

I’ve been trying to do this in another community but with no success. Do you know if this behaviour enabled by default? If I post a link I just see the Google Slides onebox, but no slide player.

My slideshow is set to public and can be accessed by anyone (i.e not just confined to people from the same organisation)

I’ve tried posting a sharing link and embedding an iFrame, but neither work. Perhaps there’s a discourse setting that I need to change to enable this?

Any feedback/pointers/demos would be greatly appreciated,




Sorry about the delay in replying.

I’m not running Discourse currently so saying this from memory.

Don’t you have to whitelist sites that can be embedded? In the admin panel maybe?

Thanks for getting back to me @ccdw , I’ll take a look into this and let you know how I get on!


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