PAID REQUEST - $50 - Copy another Discourse Theme

(Dylan) #1

I need a dark theme design for my site, basically just want a copy of as well as the CSS to add a theme selector like shown in this post:

That way they can switch from the default light theme and this dark theme. If you think you can do this let me know.


(Dylan) #2

Updated this, paying $50 for it. Basically just copy a theme and modify some CSS. We can mess with some of the small touches from there, just need this as a starting point.


(Kane York) #3

plus a color scheme.

no scripts.

primary: #fff
background: #222
tertiary: #f70

the rest shouldn’t be hard to figure out.


(Dylan) #4

Mainly want to be able to implement that but also let members switch back to the default discourse style if they like a brighter theme. However when I messed around with this:

It didn’t work out well, I know nothing when it comes to CSS lol

Got $50 BTC or PayPal for whoever can help me implement it.


(Jeff Widman) #5

I think Riking’s post provides what you asked for, and you ought to pay him the $50.

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(Dylan) #6

I don’t really know anything about CSS so it’s not really useable for me, which is why the bounty is still out if someone can help me get it to work out on my site.

This is as close as I got to a dark theme so far: Discourse Meta

But want this mainly: A more robust ecosystem for creating, sharing and modifying themes


(Sam Saffron) #7

Unfortunately 2 weeks to a month of full time work does not fit in a $50 bill, unless I move to Burundi or perhaps Somalia

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(Dylan) #8

I thought that CSS worked for several people so far? Just wanted to know if I was implementing it incorrectly?

Not saying a built in theme plugin, that’s more long-term, saying to use the preview ability like you did for your minimal theme but have it show up as an option through CSS in the profile page or hamburger menu.


(Sam Saffron) #9

If you ask @PJH nicely I am sure he will share how they setup the theme chooser on their site. Coupling a theme to a user though is not built into core quite yet.


(Dylan) #10

Any plans to work on the theme options as part of the core within the next two months?


(Sam Saffron) #11

Nothing concrete that I can commit to, but personally I tire on having to go to a link each time I want to enable my theme.

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(Dylan) #12

Theme functionality and some group features (only admins can add users, moderate private groups) are the main two issues I personally have with Discourse compared to other forums.

There is a project at my university to build plugins/enhance one of the open source projects approved by the professor, it’s required for all graduate students in the computer science department, I got Discourse on the list of approved projects and the two projects that were discussed for it so far were improved group functionality and 2FA/other security enhancements.


(Jeff Atwood) closed #13