[HIRING] : Custom Discourse Theme

I’m looking for someone that can help using the Discourse Theme Creator and create a custom theme for me… that is actually styled exactly like the theme created FOR the Discourse Theme Creator. Complete with the sticky notification banner, multi-colored waves, minimal menu nav with the underlines instead of boxes, etc.

Anyone able to do this?

Here is the Discourse Theme Creator site for immediate reference:

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The theme on theme creator is purpose-built and as such, not much time was spent on making it easy to customise with theme settings. That said, here’s an “as is” copy of the theme


I say as is here since it’s currently a desktop-only theme and comes with no support since I intend to create a version that’s easy to customise at some point in the future.

As a side-note, the moving banner is a bit of distraction for regular users. You can hide it for logged in users with something like this:

html:not(.anon) .hero {
  display: none;

The theme is released under the MIT license so feel free to fork and re-release.


HI @ChrisLuck!

I should be able to help you with this based on what you’ve described. I’m pretty tight on time the next couple days, but if it’s just a matter of changing a few things to fit your Discourse site, it should go very quickly. I’ll PM you my email if you want to get in touch.


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