[PAID] RSS Feed Poster (raised to $300...please help!)

(Joe Z) #1

What would you like done?
Would like to have plugin created to allow for an RSS feed to create a post.

This would be very similar to what is already built into VBulletin. There are really two main requirements:

  1. An RSS feed gets assigned a username, and posts when updated. For instance, if pulling a feed from “Blog A”, it’ll be posted by user “User A”.

  2. A regex way for editing the title/post, so we can use regular expression to modify what is being posted. With this, you can for example truncate the length and add a link at the bottom that says “Click here to continue reading.” The expression is unique for each feed.

These are the main features, but if all goes well there are additional features that I’d pay for to be added in the future.

When do you need it done?
Would like as soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Offering $200 to get this done, via Paypal. Paid in full after demonstration and delivery.

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(Joe Z) #2

Upped the bounty to $200

(Joe Z) #3

Ok, lets up this to $250. Also, I want to release this plugin as free to everyone else…so if anyone else wants to contribute to the budget to help get this done, please chime in.

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

I am a beginner in Ruby. So I can’t do this plugin fully. If someone do it as opensource then I can contribute to finish small tasks for free or at any cost.

(Joe Z) #5

Vinoth, definitely appreciate any efforts.

I’m upping this to $300 now, seeing if it’ll garner some interest.

(Leo McArdle) #6

I’ll bite at $300. When would you ideally want this done by?

(Joe Z) #7

Excellent! It’s not entirely time sensitive, but would still like a working product within a reasonable time. I’m thinking 3 weeks would sound fair?

(Leo McArdle) #8

Okay, I’ll probably get started next Wednesday, and should have it done before the end of next week. I’ll keep you updated if things change or if I have any questions.

(Joe Z) #9

Sounds good. Thank you

(Peter) #10

Just wanted to know if it will be released for all the discourse users.

(Tom Kiblin) #11

That’s the plan, I’m helping fund it with @JoeZ.

(Joe Z) #12

Yes, that’s the plan. There isn’t a timeframe for release, however. It’d be appreciated if you toss in a few bucks to help mitigate the costs for Tom and myself.

(charles) #13

Saw this topic linked from another topic.

With a developer assigned to this bounty, shouldn’t there be a deadline to see results and award bounty? Just curious

I’m not sure what is the plan for this type of plugin but I think it can be based on something similar that nodebb currently has or maybe even better. @JoeZ are you looking for similar features like this?

(Leo McArdle) #14

There kinda is, @JoeZ said 3 weeks sounded fair on the 28th, that gives me a deadline of the 18th. As for my own personal end of the week prediction, a few things came up this week (and I’m busy the start of next) so we’re looking like the end of next week, now. That being said, I have got started, but I’m still at the stage where everything’s broken and the polish doesn’t matter.

@JoeZ mentioned VBulletin in the topic, so I’ve been planning around that in my head, which is very similar to that nodebb plugin - there’s not really a huge amount of room for innovation in this area, at least for the basic functionality of pulling a feed in and posting it to a category.

(Leo McArdle) #15

Unfortunately I had a truly awful end to last week on both a health and a personal front, so I managed to progress very little. Rather than say I’ll probably have it done by the end of this coming week, and fail to meet that deadline, I can say I’ll definitely have it done by the end of next week (the 26th), unless the world ends or something.

I’m really sorry about the slow progress but I just couldn’t predict last week ending like it did, and I know this coming week is going to be a rollercoaster because I have my A level results day on Thursday. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

(Leo McArdle) #16

It lacks polish, is probably riddled with bugs, and for the love of all that is holy don’t install it on production. But we have something.

I’ll spend the next week ironing out bugs and polishing it up, so there should be a production-ready version at some point next week.

I haven’t implemented this yet, but will do as part of my polishing. I’m not sure if regex is entirely the right way to go (rather than just an option to truncate to the first paragraph, or a certain number of characters), but I’ll add a feature which serves this purpose.

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(Tom Kiblin) #17

Do you have it running somewhere? Where is the code, so I can test it out?

(charles) #18

Has anyone heard from @LeoMcA on this? Is it now in testing or are many features still missing and the project is incomplete?

(Joe Z) #19

We are beta testing right now. It is running and successfully posting and pulling RSS feeds.

(Joe Z) #20

Just to update, it is working and the features originally requested are included.