[PAID] Setup SSO for self-hosted instance


At Hugging Face, we build open source software for Machine Learning and Natural language processing, which fosters a pretty large community of users.

We have been thinking about integrating a Discourse forum for some time (until now, we’ve mostly used GitHub issues + a semi-private Slack + Stack Overflow)

The one feature we would like is the ability to go through our website’s authentication – on our website, we have users and organizations accounts which lets community members upload machine learning models:

So that the forum feels like a part of our website and not something distinct.

Looks like it can be done with Discourse’s SSO

We’re looking for a contractor to help set this up for us. Ping me if interested!



Hi, I’ll be able to assist you with this, if nobody has reached out to you, send me an email to bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss.


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