Help with SSO - auth0/SAML integration plus enhancements

Can anyone help to setup discourse to integrate as a replacement for a drupal forum?

Firstly, we’re looking for someone to integrate discourse with auth0 (SAML) as we use auth0 to authenticate other services. (We need to stick with auth0)

Not too familiar with discourse yet but would like to add a number of plugins such as voting, formatting, pushover, user feedback, fingerprint, translator. Advice as to what other plugins to install is required also.

Help with design and customisation of the discourse theme CSS etc to match the main website look and feel.

Basic permissions stuff - Assistance setting up groups and permissions so we can limit who has access to what categories and make limited guest access.

Assistance testing different use cases with SSO.

Any discourse best practices or other suggestions appreciated also.

Note: The drupal forum content is only valid for a week or so so we’re not particularly concerned about migrating the old data. only a small number of users so we can add those manually also.

The budget will depend on what exactly is proposed/done. >$500

Hi @craigh

I can help with that. Please drop me an email to and we can discuss.

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Hello @craigh! I’m glad you thought of Discourse :discourse::smiley:

I’m willing to help if you still need it, you can PM me here on Meta! :hugs:

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