Paid: Social groups for Discourse

Hello! I’m interested in having a social group functionality for Discourse that needs to work like this:

  • every member can open a new group or join an existing group;
  • a group can be public (everybody can read and members can post), private (only members can read/post), exclusive (same as private but you can only join if you are invited);
  • the group owner can moderate the content on it’s own group;
  • trust levels per group;
  • invite to group functionality;
  • per group categories that can be watched, tracked or muted.

Please send me a time and money estimate if you are interested in doing this.



Sorry to bump this old topic up, but I’ve been interested in something like this as well.

In the lapsed time from this topics creation and now, has there been any options to implement this as a feature/plugin into discourse?

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There is some interest in marking a certain user as “owner” of a group who can add or remove members to that group. Essentially to make groups a bit more self-managing.

The assumption is that the group would have its own private category set up by someone else.

That’d be the simple V1 version of this.


That sounds like a good idea to me. Essentially what I’m looking for as I wouldn’t want a bunch of pointless groups created but ones that I can approve of and leave someone else to manage.

Ya, this would be a really good feature. Kind of napoleon style strategy, let the small groups manage themselves :wink: How long till we see something like this implemented?

So after taking 30 minutes to think it over, this is a function i would be willing to pay to have added more quickly. Dose discourse have a list of approved developers who can work on implementing this into the code for our current site and then share it with you so we can get a version 1 of this implemented ASAP!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:

This is totally the Unconventional warfare concept of decentralized groups but applied to forums. Being able to come and go out of existence and have a pruning/archive structure that can handle the mess would allow for a lot more intense “workgroup” style mini communities to come into existence and if they peter out the whole forum doesn’t go with it. Its hard for me to fully articulate my thoughts on the strategic advantages to have a bunch of sergeants helping to build the community.

Good example, if someone were to write a tutorial and a group wanted to make an even better one, i could assign the project leader, they could have a mini forum to develop their idea in and bring it back to the main community with the whole Development process for the tutorial taking place within the overall community’s assets, but hidden from public view. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This makes me really happy and I already dream about migrating an existing IP.Board forum (that relies on the group functionality) to Discourse :smile:

Since I’ve posted the initial message I’ve been in contact with a few developers to try and implement this. But because we didn’t managed to agree on a price, licensing condition (i.e. what happens after the mod/plugin is ready) and/or timeframe, nothing was done.

I’m also willing to donate in order to have this done more quickly.

Radical! we got 2 people who are interested in it! 2-8k budget is a pretty wide range. Is this something Sam or Coding Horror would consider doing if we raised a bounty? or do you guys have a developer in mind that is willing to develop this functionality in a way that benefits the overall DC source code :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting.

Spec wise I think you need to nail down what exactly you need out of these groups.

  1. group creation
    can anyone create a group? is there moderation around new groups
  2. group visibility
    hidden/private groups versus public groups
  3. UI to display these groups and their messages
    Do you want group messages to be visible in the #latest list?
    Do you want to segrate regular posts with group posts?
    Where will you display the list of groups?

talked a little with codinghorror via PM, the basic gist is that because we are so cloce to nailing down v1, its not the right time. In 2-3 months we are gonna get some paid time allocated and create a little pool for this. Shoot me a PM if you want to stay informed and potentially contribute to the pool :slight_smile:

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ok, count me in for when this becomes a priority and I’ll do my best to contribute

I’m looking for ideas on a plugin (paid), but something that won’t eventually make it into the core product.
I love discourse and would love to make a living developing around it :slight_smile: